Value-added on the wall

This mish-mash-moo quilt is specially commissioned by Mama G, for her own WIP little one 😉 She wanted a scrappy quilt and she liked what she saw at Willy-Nilly’s. Although many crafty bloggers only offer sneak peeks to their works before giving to the recipients, I believe I do need some WIP approvals as I go along for this commissioned quilt!

So, I’m done sewing up the Half-Square-Triangle blocks, cutting, ironing and squaring the blocks. It is layout time and I had so much fun! Initially, there was some trouble putting up some blocks because the contrast in values are not that great. But after putting it up on the layout wall, and taking a couple of pictures of it, I think the magic is working!

Made up of 100 unique charm squares cut from my stash.

So, is this a pass or a ‘try again’? I’m rather tempted to toss out a couple of ‘non-contrasty’ blocks. But I’m trying hard to switch some around to blend things in a bit better.