Trip Around The World – DONE DONE

I’ve been loving this project since Day 1. The top got done quite quick and then I put it away after basting it for quilting. I meant for this project to be my 30th present for myself. But that came and went, and I didn’t get it quilted in time.
Over the New Year, my only craft-related resolution was: Finish what I have started, before I start something that I don’t finish (quickly) again. So, in the past weeks, I have been doing small projects for the home and for the boy – more about those later on. I’ve pieced 3 more backings for my completed tops so that I can get them quilted and Done Done sooner.
With a good friend’s birthday around the corner, I thought I’d gift the TATW to her – as I remembered her liking it when I showed her the WIP. So, it was a few days of intense quilting during Benji’s naps & bedtime. Here’s the final product! It’s a lap-sized square quilt, but it covered just the top of my Queen-size barely.

I simply enjoyed putting the binding on and handsewing the back down – I was like: Done already?! . Never mind that the mitered border & the mitered binding don’t match much, it’s still my pride and joy :>
I quilted in straight lines with the walking foot – even then my lines are not all that straight!
Here’s how the back of the quilt looks like. LOVE IT.
For the label, I grabbed a verse from Dorothy Parker – how apt for a quilty gift for a friend! :>