The T-shirt

I’ve been thinking about doing up an appliqued t-shirt for Benji… for a long long time.

This is a good tradition to start – a birthday shirt! Sadly, I missed out 1 :p

Really happy how this turned out – although I’m a still a bit lost about which stabilizer I should use. Here, I used a tear-away for the number ‘2’. For ‘I’m’ – I used an iron-on stabilizer which I think its a bit too stiff. I used the iron-on because I was terrified that when I ‘tear-away’ the stabilizer, it would rip up the t-shirt! Guess I need to experiment a bit more :p
All the Mother-care or Gap clothings that have embroidery or appliques use some kind of iron to protect the threads from chafing the baby’s skin. Any ideas what it is and where I can find it?