Zoo-ed out!

It has been a busy busy busy few weeks for everyone here. I’m not going to go into the nitty gritty of things, but it involved work, family, babies and a lot of hair pulling.

I had put off working on the Mish Mash Moo quilt for a while when my head was filled with work, stress and worry. Once the dark clouds cleared, I put the quilt on the Bernina and spent hours happily sewing away. It was so nice, working on this special quilt, thinking nice thoughts of the new owner 😀

Anyway, this post has NO pictures of the quilt – as I’ve self-imposed a no-photo ban of it till the quilt is pictured with the babe ;>

So…. here’s a picture of a custom Crayon wallet order, made with the Zoo fabrics that I’ve been dying to turn into a wallet for a long long time.

I made more Zoo wallets to list in my Etsy Store. One sold, Three more left! 😀