I want to be a knight, mummy

And I said: ok! mummy will make you a cape. I started to dream about what fabrics, pattern, etc to use. But due to work & the sewing area still snowed under by fabrics/mess/projects, I did not manage to get that cape made for many weeks.

Last week, my son came home from my mom’s place with aA2070-443
vinyl mat taken from a toy set and asked me to clip it around him, so that it could be his ‘cape’. That kind of broke my heart to see him dragging that piece of material all over the room.

Cue 10-min shopping at Spotlight for satin fabrics and I got down to sewing it today. Drafted a quick pattern and involved Benji quite a bit (for measurements, customisation of insignia, etc). After a couple of hours, we got CAPE!

He grabbed his Lego Castle helmet and Star Wars lightA2070-580 saber (aka Lance or Sword) and stood in front of my full length mirror for some practice moves. I had to sneak a couple of photos while he was in action 😉

Good Knight - Perfect your moves

And once again, I’m really glad for my sewing stash – interfacing and BLACK velcro that I bought long ago without a project in mind (perfect for these ‘just in case’ situations).

Good Knight - Black Velcro

Here we are: on the way for dinner and he made a beeline for the garden so that he could admire his reflections in the glass doors and running in the open to get wind under his cape.

Good Knight - Pose it right

At bedtime, he asked me for a super-hero cape, with a lightning bolt on it, please.