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Japan on my mind

I’m sure you have heard of the quake and tsunami devastation that have hit Japan and her beautiful people.

The crisis is utterly heart-breaking and everytime I read or watch the news, I get the goose-pimples (not the good ones). I really hope that the people who are affected by this horrible disaster will stay strong and pick up their lives from here. The amount of suffering they go through really put things into perspective for how we view the minor inconveniences in our own lives.

My 1st Japanese print quilt which I started about 2 years ago is finally done. The Japanese prints are from Konabay Robert Kaufman and a friend helped with the quilting, which I love. All 12 blocks which are all distinct, came from the same fabric print.

Sewing for Baby L

A couple of weeks ago, I had a few quick finishes. I remember being really happy, working on these projects. Because I got bust some Japanese fabrics that I was in danger of hoarding and also trying my 1st bias binding, and my virgin attempt at crafting with the baby strap hardware.

Anpan Man pre-quilted fabric

Cot-sized quilt made with ultra-cute Anpan man pre-quilted fabric, hand sewn bias binding

Stroller-sized blankie made with 100% cotton and backed with flannel.

I remember spending quite a bit of $ on ugly binky straps and general straps to tether items near Benji when he was little. So, I whipped up a couple of straps for Baby L that not only function as binky straps, but also as the tether strap for the stroller blankie.

Kawaii fabric tapes (for stroller blankie and binky straps) from Moopie Fabrics.


Nihon-no fabrics! Su-pa Kawaii!

That means “Japanese fabrics! Super Cute!”

*Warning: shots taken under poor lighting conditions… sorry for the rushed photo-shoot but the goodies moved very quickly from the front door, to my table, to the washer… I needed the fabrics washed pronto to work on the

mish-mash-moo quilt! :>

Fabric love from superbuzzy.com

Bought mainly on-sale items, and this was already the edited shopping cart... Had almost $500+ worth in my cart before I withered it down to this bunch

Mainly sale items. But I LOVE them all

Sigh… Japan, land of nice people, nice country, nice food, nice shopping and crazily cute fabrics… Oh, Nippon, how I YEN for thee… haha…