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Hope Valley Quilt – Done!

The Hope Valley quilt is finally on my bed! It’s a full size bed quilt and I was happy to ship it off to be quilted on a long arm and save my sanity and achy back. I got it back in Dec 2011 and it kept us cozy on the many rainy nights we had in December/January.

Hope Valley

The quilt top is made up of Denyse Schmidt’s Hope Valley fabrics and Kona Linen Cotton blend.

Hope Valley

I started this project around May 2010. The block is really quite easy and quick to put together, but I slipped in my calculation and had to stop, cut more, sew more and went back & forth to the design wall. I wanted each row/column of blocks to be unique in print, so it was terribly fussy. The project stayed in my WIP drawer for a long long time before I pulled it out again (when I needed more space!). And I pinned the blocks when joining them so that all (well, most of them did!) points meet just right.

Hope Valley

Nice and crinkly after the wash! I have to say that the Essex linen was a little tricky to work with, but after the quilt came out from the wash, the texture is amazing. But if you are looking for super smooth/soft texture, then go for 100% cotton or velveteen. The prints include many geometric designs so it has the ‘manly’ element in there too!

Hope Valley

I’m on a quilt making roll right now. I have 1 toddler quilt and 1 faux chenille baby quilt waiting to be basted and another full bed sized quilt for myself cut and waiting to be pieced.

Even though I don’t have the chance to sew EVERYDAY, I just can’t stop thinking about the projects, the stash and what other projects I can start! I’m sure I’m not the only obsessive gal who goes through her day thinking: can’t wait to sew… can’t wait to sew! 😀

Fabric Stash Report #3

I can’t get over Hope Valley. I love the dusty colours and I love its vintagey-not-too-girly feel. I just had to get my hands on them. No thanks to Fab****atic, I didn’t receive any of the half yard sets, which I paid for, from them. So, I bought the Fat Quarter set from an online store that I have shopped with before.

Fabric IN
Hope Valley FQ set 😀

Fabric OUT
Zilch (although I have prepped some more push pin boards to be covered!)

Week 3: 19 April – 25 April

In: 6 yds
Out: 0 yds

YTD total:
Purchased: 24.59 yds
Busted: 4.75 yds
net: -19.84 yds