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Luke – The quilt

This is my “Luke Quilt” that was requested by a good friend last year. I delivered some goodies to her first and then went on to drag my feet for another 12 months before I finished the quilt for ‘not-so-baby-now Luke’.

This baby quilt – a single Log Cabin block, is a huge 50″ square that took about 2 solid days of quilting that my left my arms aching quite a bit. The puffiness of some of the sections here are due to the fact that it came out of the dryer in the morning and I left it folded until I took the shots.

Luke's Quilt - Front

I used some of my precious Japanese fabrics that we hand-carried back to Singapore, and also Denyse Schmidt’s lovely prints. It has ‘Lego-like’ bricks, space shuttles, transportation prints and lots of dots, stripes and plaids.

Luke's Quilt - Detail

For the back, I pieced the left-over prints from the front with Kona Essex Linen – Solid White. The white linen really showed off the variegated quilting thread that I used on this quilt.

Luke's Quilt - Back

According to the mummy, Luke took this quilt to bed the very night I delivered it to their home.

Luke's Quilt - Ready to Go!

Wishing you many sweet dreams with this quilt, Luke!

Fabric Stash Report #6

Last week, I had a finger-clicking good time and bought new fabrics which I will share later.

The highlight of a crazy work week was a visit by a long-time with her super duper cute baby boy. She came over to pick out fabrics for Baby L’s new quilt and we end up ripping into my still-un-packed-bags from my Japan trip. It was great fun and we ended up choosing fabrics for 2 blankies and 1 quilt! FUN!

Week 6: 10 May – 16 May

In: 0 yds (wait till week 7…)

Out: 4 yds (baby blankies!)

Anpan Man and side-kick

This is AnPan Man (Bread Man), a Japanese comic character that we all grew up with. I grabbed this 1m cut from Yuzawaya in Japan, and didn’t get a chance to pick out more Anpan character fabrics. Darn it! The fabric is cotton/linen blend for the top and cotton muslin for the backing.

It is super light and soft, so we decided to just add binding on this piece of pre-quilted fabric. LOVELY. I didn’t want to sew the binding entirely by machine, and chose to attach it by machine, then sew it down by hand for the ‘invisible’ look. Great chance to use Denyse Schmidt’s KJR stripe fabric in a bias binding! 😀

YTD total:
Purchased: 24.59 yds
Busted: 13.75 yds
net: -10.84 yds

Eye candies

I have been receiving emails asking if I sew stuffs for ‘adults’ for sale, other than the crayon wallets that I list on Etsy. Well, while I do make fabric covered button book marks, Quilted applique notebooks, bobby pins, etc. But sewing wise, I have yet to list anything for people above ‘crayon-age’.

BUT I have been sewing pouches and clutch purses for friends over the holidays and I do love how they turned out. A very nice lady helped de-mystify zippers by showing me how it actually works!

Zipper pouch + matching key fobs

Zipper pouch + matching key fobs

Fabrics from Denyse Schmidt

Fabrics from Denyse Schmidt

Besides the Zipper, I finally took the plunge and ordered some clutch frames from Etsy. I loved how they all turned out! Ok, my Stash is 70% kiddy fabrics (and most of them scream ‘boys’), but what came to my rescue was this lovely local online store Needle and Thread – check out the website, prices have been revised down! YAAY!. Magdalene delivered the fabrics the very next day after I placed my order and I knew they were perfect for my friends.

Amy Butler and Art Gallery Fabrics.

Amy Butler and Art Gallery Fabrics.

Revive by Art Gallery Fabrics

Revive by Art Gallery Fabrics

So YES! I will be sewing more zipper pouches, clutch purses, card holders, etc… I can’t wait till the end of this tax season, get over a couple of day-job projects so that I can clear my brain and get started soon. Sewing for the Shoppe is such a wonderful excuse to buy more lovely fabrics! 🙂

Value-added on the wall

This mish-mash-moo quilt is specially commissioned by Mama G, for her own WIP little one 😉 She wanted a scrappy quilt and she liked what she saw at Willy-Nilly’s. Although many crafty bloggers only offer sneak peeks to their works before giving to the recipients, I believe I do need some WIP approvals as I go along for this commissioned quilt!

So, I’m done sewing up the Half-Square-Triangle blocks, cutting, ironing and squaring the blocks. It is layout time and I had so much fun! Initially, there was some trouble putting up some blocks because the contrast in values are not that great. But after putting it up on the layout wall, and taking a couple of pictures of it, I think the magic is working!

Made up of 100 unique charm squares cut from my stash.

So, is this a pass or a ‘try again’? I’m rather tempted to toss out a couple of ‘non-contrasty’ blocks. But I’m trying hard to switch some around to blend things in a bit better.


Welcome to my NEW blog :> 


Looks pretty, doesn’t it? The new look, the move and the shop set-up all came together rather quickly – almost ‘inspired’, I’d say. It all started when my friend asked if I could whip up a baby quilt for her new baby. Of course I can! Being the generous soul that she is, she wouldn’t accept it for free, but I can’t (and won’t) charge for the quilt either! So, it is ‘butter-trading’ time! 

I asked Mama G to help with the blog’s and my Etsy store’s banners design in return for the baby quilt then. She came back with the cutest ideas and there was no turning back. The whole episode turned into a full-blown identity/branding exercise, which took us less than a week to complete: The new domain name, store, avatars, banners, blog page, migration of the blog, etc. This is how far I’ve come since the day of my 1st entry on blogspot.com. And this big move would not have been possible without my tech-guru-hubby and the super-talented Mama G.


Well, some renovation dust still lingers – I’m trying my best to clean up the alignment issues that cropped up during the move. But I’m not going to get caught up with the legacy issues… there’s so much more to do, and to talk about!