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Handmade with love

I’m especially heartened to receive emails and convos (through my Etsy shop) in the past few weeks. Some wanted to know where they can get quilting fabrics, supplies, workshops, etc in Singapore. Some people wrote asking for custom crayon wallets and also custom sewing for Teacher’s Day and Children’s Day celebrations.

I’ve also received some requests for custom quilt jobs. Now, making a quilt, a crib sized or full sized one, requires a lot of commitment, resources and attention. The 1st request for a few baby quilts was turned down because I knew I could not commit to that kind of quantity and timeline. But a week back, I received a convo from a nice lady who wanted a special quilt for a special guy friend. I initially said no, but she said that she would be happy with a lap sized, and simple pattern… how could I say NO to such an earnest request? So, I said yes and offered a price which she accepted. And I started hunting for patterns suitable for a guy, pulling out fabrics that are not too ‘girlish’, and in the process I really had fun. ALL because I was thinking how this would be a gift from such a sweet girl to a special friend. Well, since then I have not heard from the lady and it is a little disappointing to say the least. But this has sort of strengthened my resolve that quilting is reserved for special people in MY life. Until I have the bandwidth, skill and stash, then I can consider making quilt for cash.

Label of love

Label of love

I mentioned I won’t post any pictures of the completed Mish Mash Moo quilt… but I just can’t resist adding this here 😀


Welcome to my NEW blog :> 


Looks pretty, doesn’t it? The new look, the move and the shop set-up all came together rather quickly – almost ‘inspired’, I’d say. It all started when my friend asked if I could whip up a baby quilt for her new baby. Of course I can! Being the generous soul that she is, she wouldn’t accept it for free, but I can’t (and won’t) charge for the quilt either! So, it is ‘butter-trading’ time! 

I asked Mama G to help with the blog’s and my Etsy store’s banners design in return for the baby quilt then. She came back with the cutest ideas and there was no turning back. The whole episode turned into a full-blown identity/branding exercise, which took us less than a week to complete: The new domain name, store, avatars, banners, blog page, migration of the blog, etc. This is how far I’ve come since the day of my 1st entry on blogspot.com. And this big move would not have been possible without my tech-guru-hubby and the super-talented Mama G.


Well, some renovation dust still lingers – I’m trying my best to clean up the alignment issues that cropped up during the move. But I’m not going to get caught up with the legacy issues… there’s so much more to do, and to talk about!