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Labels of love

I have a LOOOOONG list of to-sew items: from baggies for Benji lug his toys around to stock for the shoppe. With that list in hand, I went on an online fabric spree! 😀

Yards and yards of BEAUTIFUL fabrics were delivered to our door step throughout September. Some fabrics are still in their packing boxes because I ran out of space to store them! Feeling ‘inspired’, I sewed up more crayon wallets for the shoppe. Now, I have done my share of wallet-sewing, and its on to the quilt-y projects! yaay!

Crayon Wallets

Handmade with love

I’m especially heartened to receive emails and convos (through my Etsy shop) in the past few weeks. Some wanted to know where they can get quilting fabrics, supplies, workshops, etc in Singapore. Some people wrote asking for custom crayon wallets and also custom sewing for Teacher’s Day and Children’s Day celebrations.

I’ve also received some requests for custom quilt jobs. Now, making a quilt, a crib sized or full sized one, requires a lot of commitment, resources and attention. The 1st request for a few baby quilts was turned down because I knew I could not commit to that kind of quantity and timeline. But a week back, I received a convo from a nice lady who wanted a special quilt for a special guy friend. I initially said no, but she said that she would be happy with a lap sized, and simple pattern… how could I say NO to such an earnest request? So, I said yes and offered a price which she accepted. And I started hunting for patterns suitable for a guy, pulling out fabrics that are not too ‘girlish’, and in the process I really had fun. ALL because I was thinking how this would be a gift from such a sweet girl to a special friend. Well, since then I have not heard from the lady and it is a little disappointing to say the least. But this has sort of strengthened my resolve that quilting is reserved for special people in MY life. Until I have the bandwidth, skill and stash, then I can consider making quilt for cash.

Label of love

Label of love

I mentioned I won’t post any pictures of the completed Mish Mash Moo quilt… but I just can’t resist adding this here 😀

Zoo-ed out!

It has been a busy busy busy few weeks for everyone here. I’m not going to go into the nitty gritty of things, but it involved work, family, babies and a lot of hair pulling.

I had put off working on the Mish Mash Moo quilt for a while when my head was filled with work, stress and worry. Once the dark clouds cleared, I put the quilt on the Bernina and spent hours happily sewing away. It was so nice, working on this special quilt, thinking nice thoughts of the new owner 😀

Anyway, this post has NO pictures of the quilt – as I’ve self-imposed a no-photo ban of it till the quilt is pictured with the babe ;>

So…. here’s a picture of a custom Crayon wallet order, made with the Zoo fabrics that I’ve been dying to turn into a wallet for a long long time.

I made more Zoo wallets to list in my Etsy Store. One sold, Three more left! 😀