Sweet dreams…

Benji’s back into teething mode again. Approaching 16 months, and only 5 little pearlies, he has a lot of teeth to catch up with! We have to change bibs so often that I’m running low on stock by midday. And when we put him to bed, we noticed that he is trying to chew on the pillow covers, etc. Poor boy.

Benji goes to bed with a bolster and I can’t simply find reasonably priced and attractive covers for it. So, I decided to use the pattern off the ugly one that we bought off the shelf and make him new ones. Here’s my first attempt at it, and also at machine applique too! The ‘insects’ came from some fabric I bought from Spotlight. Great for a ‘quiet game’ of I Spy at bedtime then ;>
A close-up of one of my favourite patches. I also added in the cords at the seamline of the 2 fabrics, so that Benji can ‘gnaw’ away.
It was super quick to make and great fun too. I really wanted to get it done fast (started it yesterday afternoon and brought it for wash moments ago) so that my baby can go to bed with a cool cover! :>