Okay, I’m sorry that I could not take a better picture. But the weather has been dreary and wet for the past 2 days and I only have my mobile phone handy now :p I will try to get a better picture when I have more hands on deck to hold this baby up! :>

The top is DONE DONE. I’m so glad!!! But it is HUGE. My back is already aching just THINKING of the basting I have to do on my hands and knees :p

I’m not in a hurry to quilt this one yet. I will probably quilt it when I complete my Zoo Stack and Whack baby quilt top, buy a few more needles and get into the mood before I tackle the quilting.

Thanks to AmandaJean, this has been fun, fun, fun :> Yes, its true that you can work out a quilt all by yourself. But when you have so many others quilting along with you, and someone committing herself to lead this project, you appreciate the effort and heart in this :>

Already looking forward to the next project! WOOHOO!