Sewing Kit

I’m putting together an ever-growing sewing kit that I hope will help the sewer (new or experienced) across various aspects of their crafting.

If there’s something that you’d like to find out, or would like to share on this page, drop me a line at yvette [at] midnightcrafts [dot] net.


The F word. I share with you:

1) Terms and Measurements: The truth about the Fat (quarter)

2) how I store, (Coming soon)

3) care for fabrics (pre-washing, shrinkage and bleeding) (Coming soon)

{Readings} (Coming soon)

I love craft books, magazines and craft blogs. Here I list reviews of some of the books and listing of crafty blogs/sites that I stalk.


Virtual or Bricked, local or overseas. Time to take that little plastic card out of the wallet!

1) Shopping in Singapore

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