Punch & stamp

Now, I have to perfectly honest with you. I can’t draw. I can’t even draw a stick figure well. And Benji’s a psychic when he is able to figure out what the heck I have doodled for him when we do our ‘ca-yon’ sessions together.
So, in my quest to create things that people MIGHT find pleasing, I depend a lot on prints & templates, etc… This year, I finally caved in and stepped into a scrapbooking shop (cringe) to pick up some stamps. I’m simply intrigued by these clear stamps that Amy – the angry chicken – was talking about. And lo & behold, stamps from HEATHER BAILEY in the shop! I felt like I struck jackpot – I could not even find HB’s freshcut fabrics locally, and yet I can buy her stamps?! WONDERFUL!
The girlies at the Made with Love shop were so helpful too. They helped me pick up a stamp pad (which can be used on fabrics… I’m skeptical still), stamp cleaner (I guess clear stamps need more maintenance than the rubber ones), and the ‘acrylic’ holder. Notice I didn’t buy an acrylic block? Well, they were out of a lot of sizes, and what they have on hand are a bit pricey for my liking. But one of the staff said
I can use these acrylic album sheets and they work just as well too. And best part of it: there are 2 pieces in there! And this is less than half the price of the blocks. BEST!

I’m intending to make gift tags out of these stock-cards. Here’s one of the ‘test’ tag and see how super handy it is for adding in name/message? I’m hoping to make quilting labels with these stamps too. Hope they will stand up to washing! heh heh…