Oh Goody goody!

Benji turned 2 last week and we threw a Crepes party over the weekend for our big and small friends.
The goody bag is something that we take rather seriously here. We always feel that our little guests need to go back happy too! Just like how their presence and presents made our boy happy.
We think: What do I want Benji to get in his goody bag when we go to other parties? We know what we don’t want: CANDIES, CHOCOLATES and toys that break too soon.
My friend helped with the goody bag preparation in a weekend – she decorated the paper bags, helped bundled crayons together, and supplied me with good and warm company.
For kids below 2 years, we included 1) alphabet and number stickers, 2) non-toxic bubbles, 3) a notepad, 4) 1 x Crayola TaDoodles Washable Crayon Buddy, 5) Cereal

For the older kids, We included 1) alphabet and number stickers, 2) non-toxic bubbles, 3) 4 pcs of crayons, 4) 2 tubs of Play Doh, 5) Cereal, 6) a note pad – I cut up my DCWV Printed Cardstock Stack for cover & Backing and also added 12 pieces of recycled paper – attached 2 mini brads at the top. I hope this will lead to more repurposing/recycling by the parents because I know how much materials we consume EACH day!
Last year, we used plastic tubs to hold the goodies. we included ‘party materials’ like noise makers, some plastic toys, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, etc. And we had chocolates for the older kids and biscuits for the younger ones. The younger ones received a Beanie Baby as well. It’s quite a good feeling to see that the tubs being put to good use still when we visit our friends for playdates. But the cheap toys didn’t last.
So, we hope that the crayons/play doh will leave many creative marks for their parents to capture for a long time to come! 😀