New addition

Finally! The Aurora 440 has landed! Actually it arrived at the shop earlier, but I could not pick it up because Benji was really ill earlier this month. Anyway, it is home with me now. Happy as can be. I have not done much sewing with it as much as I’d like to. But the BSR is a dream! I tried it out on a scrappy piece of quilt sandwich and it is much easier compared to my old Singer machine. Of course, I will need more practice with it to make decent stippling, etc but already I can feel the difference.
The instruction manual is marvelous too. Very detailed and also very clear – and that helps a lot too! The machine looked quite complicated, but it is quickly de-mystified with the instructions. Will be spending quite a bit of time playing around with the settings, the stitches, etc. I’m definitely looking forward to that ;>