My Christmas ‘mini-Skirt’

AND THEN… I realised it was too SMALL for our tall tree! 🙁 What a HUGE disappointment!
I should have at least measured the size of the tree stand when I started on this project, but I didn’t. I’m so disappointed with this, and I even contemplated running out to buy a baby tree so I can dress it up with the skirt. But what am I going to do with 2 trees in the house? 🙁
So, I’m going to think up a way to use this skirt then… More pictures later.

I’ve been busy sewing up coasters for our Christmas dinner this year. And the cat is enjoying all the activity because she has a nice warm board to cosy up to after I’m done with it. :p

Let me go have a think about the Skirt now… headache, heartache! 🙁