It’s really Ahhhmazing!

Completed a number of projects in the past 2 weeks – all of which I can’t show till they are gifted. Sorry! 🙂 But it felt really good to have a quilt in the lap, and handsewing the binding down. Best of all, it also meant clearing out half a drawer of WIPs!

Since I have no pictures of completed projects, I will share a fun video instead! We made this of my brother during Mother’s Day gathering at my mom’s. He gamely changed into his ‘sporty’ outfit, while we prepared a plastic tub ready for him to spit out the mouthwash. We took about 3 takes before we were happy. Er… WE as in the rest of us – my brother was complaining that his arms were aching and mouth tingly after all that rinsing!

And hopefully he will get his 30 seconds of fame on TV! The video could earn him (or everyone who helped that day!) some cash and Listerine products too. And we signed up for free samples here too.

On the subject of mouth wash, I had always argued that it was redundant and the dentist said that flossing and brushing well are good enough. But I bought my 1st bottle of Listerine a few year back after one of my wisdom tooth surgeries. Brushing/flossing was really uncomfortable then and I felt that I could not brush well enough so I had to resort to mouthwash to help ensure that I could get the mouth really clean.

The feeling of Listerine in my mouth for the 1st time was literally eye-popping/tearing. But it felt so good after that. We have found other uses for Listerine since then.

– disinfecting Benji’s chew toys (well, its cheaper than using Medela wipes)

– disinfecting our toothbrushes by soaking the heads in Listerine weekly. I do this more frequently when we are down with any bugs, and so I don’t have to toss the toothbrushes prematurely. This tip was passed on to me by a really cool blogging mom when we had a chance to meet last year.

– emergency disinfectant for small wounds and bites during our travels

Recently a friend suggested using the cool mint Listerine in a spray bottle as bug repellant in her baby’s room (I’m not too sure about that!). But we agreed that if its good enough for our mouth, it is good enough for cleaning our kid’s stuff with.

No. this is NOT a paid endorsement for Listerine, at the risk of sounding like one. Just want to share an interesting ‘project’ that we did over Mother’s day! 😀