It’s Invi-zipper

I have a couple of 26″ throw pillows in our room and making pillow covers for them helps to free up some space in the fabric drawers. I HAVE to make space because I’m expecting a really sweet delivery of fabrics in August. Yaay!

Bought my concealed zip footer from Rosie earlier this year and I finally bust it out of its packaging to try it out for the 1st time. It was really quick and easy and involved less steps, compared to installing a regular zipper. A couple of good reference posts: Sew Katie Did and Kirin Notebook.


Here are the appliqued pillow covers that I made for my sister & her husband last Christmas with some really cool houndstooth fabric. Made with regular zippers (the ones where the zipper tab clicks back into the zip). And I have to say that the serger really helps to make these home decor projects a breeze as it helps to provide that lovely professional finish that hides all the imperfection that is my sewing 😉


And on an incredibly lazy Sunday, I received a delivery (!) of goodies at my door. I bought some fabrics from Hancock’s of Paducah a couple of months ago when they had the offer of free international shipping, but there were delays due to backorder items, etc… so I actually FORGOT that I made this purchase and was pleasantly surprised to receive this package. Sweet!

Weekend delight

And Fusible Batting! I don’t know if I will use it on a large quilt – I don’t fancy wielding a hot iron and crawling all over the quilt sandwich. Will likely try this out on smaller projects first.

Batting - fusible!