Imagine it no more! It IS here!

Remember in my last post, I was dithering about whether to get a serger or not? Dithered I No More. I got it.

Went to Ban Soon to grab a couple of packs of needles and ended paying the deposit for the machine. Hubby said those were very expensive needles indeed.

I brought it home on a Friday evening, after an hour at the shop with Helen, going through the set-up, the features and Q&A about the workings of the serger. Before I set off to collect my machine, I had my projects cut up, ready to be serged.

Over the weekend, I had it set up and while Hubby was entertaining Benji with trains and DVDs, I had some time to complete a table topper and a bathroom window cover-up (it is not exactly what I call a curtain). I started to work on some bedsheets for Benji too!

Apparently Ikea has discontinued the fitted sheets for the expandable mattresses. Armed with a measuring table and some wide-width fabrics, I set out to make about 3 more sets of fitted sheets for Benji’s toddler’s bed. Here’s one made from a duvet cover, also from Ikea. I followed Dana’s baby crib sheets tutorial loosely.

The Babylock is a dream to work with. It was easy to thread (jet-air threading) through the loopers and you don’t need to follow any sequences (thread upper first, then lower, etc), and best of all, i don’t have to worry at all about adjusting tensions for different stitches or fabrics!

Here is a view of a 3-thread narrow hem, serged on a linen-cotton blend from Ikea fabric. This fabric frays A LOT and with the serger, I was able to hem it neatly, fold over about 1/4 inch, iron and machine sew the hem down.

Looking forward to more serging adventures with the Imagine 😀