Hello, again!

It has been too long since my last post on this site. Last post was in March 2012. Ack.

That was when we decided to move house and settle in our new apartment. We spent months packing and sorting out possessions for sale, friends, goodwill or to the rag and bone man. My husband had to let go his magazine collection which dated back to 1987. That was about 25 years’ worth of motoring & Hi-Fi monthly mags (wrapped up lovingly in industrial cling film). The rag and bone man gave him over $20 bucks as scrap paper.

We finally moved into our new place over Christmas and we love our little cosy apartment. Space is a huge issue, but we built storage into the 1,100 sq ft unit like mad. So we still fit.

Reno Hell

Reno Hell

2013 was exciting for us. Son started k2 in a new kindy, I took part in the inaugural handmade fair by Handmade Movement Singapore (and met some really awesome handmade craft aficionados) and I fell pregnant.

Handmade Movement Singapore Fair 2013

Fair Stand


Handmade Movement Singapore Fair 2013

Absolutely flattered that someone thought it was picture worthy

The fair was a blast. It poured like crazy when we got there to set up shop and it felt like the event was going to be a wash-out. But the handmade lovers came through and we all had fun talking about our passions.

Oh yes. The pregnancy. I was in bed for a good part of it – the morning sickness was absolutely wicked and I had no energy for anything else. I felt better closer to my 3rd trimester, but still not much sewing.

By the time we entered 2014, our big boy started Primary school and our little one is still keep us up with her frequent night feedings. I got my sewing mojo back; sewing for the family, starting new projects and also had great support from friends and customers looking for personalised gifts.

I’m already looking forward to 2015 – a year dedicated to finishing my projects (yep. I have a LOT of WIPs in those built-in cupboards).

Even though I have been absent on this site, I have been ‘micro-blogging’ over at my Facebook page. Do  join me there as I share off-the-cuff snippets of my sewing journey.

Till next post – keep calm and keep on sewing!