Happy New-ish Year!

Hello, World!

Happy New Year! (Still qualify for the greeting, I think :D)

Sorry I missed posting for the entire month of December. While the blog was left unattended, the sewing station was busy, busy, busy! No new/completed quilts to show for yet, but plenty of purses, pillow cases, baggies and also 1st-day-of-school sewing for Benji.

Benji - The Big Man

My Big Man started Nursery 2 on Tuesday (thanks to the papers for the reminder about the start of school date, if not we would have made that trip on 3 Jan!). This is our 1st drop-off school experience and the boy handled it so well. The teachers are very caring and loving. It helps that Benji’s class is very close to a generous playground with loads of exciting installations!

We waited for him outside his class on the 1st day, stepping in when the teachers were orientating the kids, etc. By the 2nd day, we left Benji in the good hands of the teachers and he gave his kisses and goodbyes like a champ at the door. Hubby & I are mighty proud of him!


A simple drawstring backpack

A simple drawstring backpack

And the night before school, I put together a lined drawstring backpack that he can easily open/close by himself. The exterior fabric is Japanese cotton twill bought from our Tokyo trip and the lining is 100% cotton. For the cords, they were actually cording salvaged from old cushion covers that I deconstructed for drink coasters at home.

The next evening, I made a snack bag for him to hold his drink bottle, cutlery and cloth napkin. No pictures of that for now. But that’s another hit with my boy. 😀

Hope you had as great a start to this new year as we did. There’s so much to look forward to in this new year.

And I wish you good health, more wealth and definitely new fabrics & projects 😀