Good Buys 2

December has been a month of crafty indulgence for me :>
Well, I haven’t given into temptations YET with all the online fabric stores’ sales & coupons. But I have been checking out the local crafting supplies stores, stocking up on notions and what-nots.
A couple of weeks ago, I visited a local store in Chinatown. They sell loads & loads & loads of Clover products that made me a very very very happy girl :>
Here’s what I bought finally, and I did show some restraints when I returned a few items at the cashier before I checked out the items :p
1) The mesh transfer sheet – handy for transferring quilting patterns without cutting out template sheets.
2) Bias Tape Maker – you need one for each size!
3) Gauge – which came in very useful when I had to fold over 1/8 seams in my last project. But this gauge is in metric, so I had to measure it against my other imperial rulers first.
4) Water soluble marker – gosh, this works like a charm for me! Why I didn’t get this much earlier is beyond me. LOVE IT! The marks wash out beautifully and most importantly, the marking is much more accurate and clear.
5) Iron-on transfer-pencil – I love the idea that I can trace out a pattern with this pencil and then transfer it to the fabrics just by simply ironing on it. Downside is that the markings will be permanent. No immediate plans/projects that call for this pencil yet. :p
6) Fabric glue stick – this will be useful for the applique works
7) Variegated thread – too pretty to be left out of the shopping basket ;>
8) Heat & Bond No Sew fusible web – I was thinking of making some ‘iron-ons’ for friends who don’t sew. This is perfect for such ‘painless’ projects.
I do consider myself somewhat of a ‘gadget-girl’ (I love gadgets, but I don’t go queueing up for iPhones just to be the first ones to get it…), and perhaps that explains why I fell in love with sewing again, after all these years. All the toys that you can buy for just marking patterns! For cutting fabrics! And once, I spent an entire day just search and surfing for various presser feets and their functions… And of course, the Internet has also made researching much easier and interesting, bringing me all the inspiring blogs of people who share their love & passion for their crafts.
Alrighty. Time to get back to work now and earn more $$ for my crafty fund (and Benji’s diapers :p) ! ;>