Good Buy

I have a small working area and a smaller ironing board. and I HATE it when the wire gets in the way (and cause more creases) when I have to press those backings or bigger quilts.
And I found this beauty at the departmental store today. It costs about US$40.00 and I HAD to have it. It is a medium weight dry iron, different from my regular steam iron (I don’t use the steam function for the quilts) which weighs next to nothing :p These lightweight steam irons are good for clothes, but not quite the thing when it comes to quilts!

Hubby was surprised that I would want an iron this heavy :p I explained that quilting is about PRESSING, not’ironing’… I think that left him more confused than ever! haha.

I’ve just applied the border to one side of my Star QAL and I’d love to try out this iron on the quilt then. I have not fired up this baby yet – not in the greatest shape to stay up in the studio tonight and sitting at the machine. I think I’m coming down with a flu or something… throat’s a little scratchy and bones a little achy… not in the mood to get on the floor to pin the borders on tonight. Guess I will continue with my handquilting my sampler in bed then! ;>

Have a great week ahead!