Gone quilting

Been sewing more than blogging. Good thing, I say.

And in a bid to clear out more space, I revisited my oldest quilting WIP – the beginner quilt that I started at Quilts and friends in late 2006.

The quilting stitches vary across the quilt – the earlier quilting were longer and the most recent ones are shorter. At one stage, I wanted to send it out to be finished by another quilter as I was pretty tired of this bundle taking up space in my cupboard. But over the weekend, I used my brand new Karisma pencils and finished marking the quilting lines in a jiffy. One of the reasons (or excuses) why I put it away was that I had a hard time marking the quilts with fabric pencils that broke so easily – at one point I swore I was sharpening the pencils more than marking the fabrics, and also finding a colour that shows up well.

Only borders to go now! Yaay!