It’s been a while since my last post. Not to say that there has been much going-ons, but on the sewing side, it has been a bit more quieter ;> Not a bad thing, actually.

Let me explain.
We took another road trip with the family to Malaysia again, and it was great! We enjoyed the cool air of Cameron Highlands and of course, the yummy food. I packed away my sewing machine and cleared out my sewing corner before we left because there was some renovations done in our absence. I have not reinstated the machines, mats, etc because the work is still not done to our satisfaction yet.
BUT I have been hand quilting every night for the past 2 weeks, and it IS getting easier and quicker (relatively) for me. I have completed 2 blocks and starting on the 3rd one now.
The other reason why I have not caught up with AmandaJean’s QAL is also because of this:
My hubby bought this for my ‘small’ 3-0 birthday. And we have been racing each other at MarioKart at every chance we get! :>
Ta, for now. I will be back with more news of ‘gifts’ I bought for myself! hahaha.