Counting my stitches…

With fabrics still strewn around the room, the cutting table’s a ‘hot mess’ and the machine snowed under by items seeking temporary asylum while I sort out the storage situation, I didn’t much sewing done in April. BUT I did try to make good use of some waiting time with some handsewing. I grabbed a WIP Lanarte project, with thread snipper, threads, etc in the kit, on the way out to my son’s music class. And I spent a productive 45-min putting on the final stitches in this cross-stitch kit. This is just 1 of the 3 kits from Lanarte’s Babushka’s collection.

x-stitch: Babushka (Russian) Doll (small)

And so satisfied with the completion of this old WIP, I grabbed another box with a WIP awaiting backstitching (I hate backstitching!), and completed it while Benji napped in the afternoon. Here’s one of the kits from Permin of Copenhagen’s Peanuts collection.

x-stitch: Snoopy

To end off the perfect sewing weekend, I just had to start on a new kit! Here’s what I ended up with: Autumn from Lanarte. It’s only about 40% completed, so it still look a little abstract here.

x-stitch: Fall

I have learned to embrace kits now. Having all the threads and fabrics ready to go is just so convenient. It also means I have less excuse to start on them right away.

Over this long May Day weekend, our little family went for a short off-road camping trip, so I didn’t get to sew at all. But I have dedicated one day in the upcoming Polling Day long weekend to sew, sew and sew. Actually, my list goes something like this:

1) Clear the cutting table

2) Complete basting the baby quilt sandwich

3) Attach borders on my queen-size Hourglass quilt

4) Start on my Japanese quilt blocks.

Of course, there are other items that I would love to complete: Pillow cases for Benji, cushion covers for our bedrooms, a shirred dress/top for myself, a gadget bag for Hubby and a coupon caddy for a friend. BUT I’ll be extremely satisfied with items 1) to 4).

So, what will you be up to this long weekend?