Christmas Skirting the issue

The Christmas Skirt is officially off the tree this year.
Here’s a quick look at the ‘finished product’. Nope. It’s not been washed yet – I’m terrified of the colours running (I didn’t pre-wash the fabrics for this project)… but let me figure out a way to get this in the wash without too much drama later on.
Applique close-up. Featuring the 12 gifts for the 12 days of Christmas.
The tree would have been PERFECT with this skirt under it. But, its not meant to be, for this year, at least. :p

So, we have ‘relocated’ the skirt to adorn the old-style coffeeshop table and placed the candlestickholder/wreath over the centre to cover the hole. Perfecto!

It’s starting to feel a lot more like Christmas now! :>