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Etsy Store Update + Year End Sale Coupon!

It’s been a while since I have updated the store. Husband has been kind enough to take some shots of the items when playing around with his camera. 😀

Christmas really comes early this year as we have already packed and given away our 1st gifts (teachers & classmates).

And to get you started on your christmas shopping, here’s a 10% off coupon code (Yes! Including Olfa items): xmas2011

Valid till 31 December 2011 and applicable for all items listed on Etsy.

// Zipper Pouches //

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Christmas Skirting the issue

The Christmas Skirt is officially off the tree this year.
Here’s a quick look at the ‘finished product’. Nope. It’s not been washed yet – I’m terrified of the colours running (I didn’t pre-wash the fabrics for this project)… but let me figure out a way to get this in the wash without too much drama later on.
Applique close-up. Featuring the 12 gifts for the 12 days of Christmas.
The tree would have been PERFECT with this skirt under it. But, its not meant to be, for this year, at least. :p

So, we have ‘relocated’ the skirt to adorn the old-style coffeeshop table and placed the candlestickholder/wreath over the centre to cover the hole. Perfecto!

It’s starting to feel a lot more like Christmas now! :>

My Christmas ‘mini-Skirt’

AND THEN… I realised it was too SMALL for our tall tree! 🙁 What a HUGE disappointment!
I should have at least measured the size of the tree stand when I started on this project, but I didn’t. I’m so disappointed with this, and I even contemplated running out to buy a baby tree so I can dress it up with the skirt. But what am I going to do with 2 trees in the house? 🙁
So, I’m going to think up a way to use this skirt then… More pictures later.

I’ve been busy sewing up coasters for our Christmas dinner this year. And the cat is enjoying all the activity because she has a nice warm board to cosy up to after I’m done with it. :p

Let me go have a think about the Skirt now… headache, heartache! 🙁

12 Days of X’mas – Tree Skirt

I’ve been complaining A LOT these days that the malls are putting up X’mas decor earlier each year.
On the other hand, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for X’mas gifts, planning schedules around the holidays and also keeping a list of things that I will need to do, clean, craft in time for X’mas. The X’mas tree skirt pattern caught my eye when I was at the local quilt shop. I attended a couple of sessions at Quilts and Sew Forth and this is what I have done up so far! :>
The creases you see are due to the folding and packing. I chose 7 different X’masy fabrics and a lovely beige/gold background fabric. I chose to cut out the 12 days of X’mas gifts from a panel for the applique, instead of tracing, and hand appliqueing other designs from scratch to the tree skirt. I simply used some Heat & Bond and machine sewed them with a blanket stitch. Quick & Easy! :>

The skirt is now basted and I will machine quilt this baby after I have joined the blocks for Benji’s Zoo quilt. I’m looking forward to this skirt gracing our X’mas tree this year :>

On the roll!

For the past few evenings, I have been browsing craft blogs, reading quilting/sewing books, and getting the sense that the Bernina is beckoning me to the worktable… Finally, I got round to visiting the quilt shop and bought fabrics and hexagon templates so that I can actually START SEWING instead of marking out the pages for ‘future projects’.
It is week 2 at Crazy Mom Quilts’ Star Quilt-A-Long and I’m just done with week 1’s block. Will be working on the 2nd block soon, I hope! I’ve decided to make this a ‘yellow’ quilt. I don’t have much yellows at home, but I think it will go quite nicely with our Birch dominant theme in our home. :>

And I got into English Paper Piecing and I’m working on the hexagon flowers with the template I picked up from the shop. I was going to start off easy, picking out a big-sized hexagon template (2.6cm), thinking of making coasters, table topper, etc. And I’m using the 1930’s themed fabric for this project. Not sure what I’m going to do with it yet, but I’m just going to keep at it… who knows, it might just turn out to be one of those ‘grandmothers garden’ quilt! :> I keep the project in a clear plastic file box and it is so easy to bring along and work on it while I wait at the clinic, etc.
AND I’m been ‘inspired’ to join Bonnie’s Orange Crush Mystery as well. I think I should begin with gathering the scraps first, or perhaps stop looking at the craft blogs ;>
Anyway, this Saturday is the Colourwash workshop. Will be working on a ‘trip around the world’ quilt! AND there will be a sale starting Thursday at the quilt shop. A good start to the month, eh? :>