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Christmas Skirting the issue

The Christmas Skirt is officially off the tree this year.
Here’s a quick look at the ‘finished product’. Nope. It’s not been washed yet – I’m terrified of the colours running (I didn’t pre-wash the fabrics for this project)… but let me figure out a way to get this in the wash without too much drama later on.
Applique close-up. Featuring the 12 gifts for the 12 days of Christmas.
The tree would have been PERFECT with this skirt under it. But, its not meant to be, for this year, at least. :p

So, we have ‘relocated’ the skirt to adorn the old-style coffeeshop table and placed the candlestickholder/wreath over the centre to cover the hole. Perfecto!

It’s starting to feel a lot more like Christmas now! :>

My Christmas ‘mini-Skirt’

AND THEN… I realised it was too SMALL for our tall tree! 🙁 What a HUGE disappointment!
I should have at least measured the size of the tree stand when I started on this project, but I didn’t. I’m so disappointed with this, and I even contemplated running out to buy a baby tree so I can dress it up with the skirt. But what am I going to do with 2 trees in the house? 🙁
So, I’m going to think up a way to use this skirt then… More pictures later.

I’ve been busy sewing up coasters for our Christmas dinner this year. And the cat is enjoying all the activity because she has a nice warm board to cosy up to after I’m done with it. :p

Let me go have a think about the Skirt now… headache, heartache! 🙁

Sashiko Coasters

Finally got round to completing the set of 5 coasters after choosing the backing fabric. Although the Sashiko coaster kit just require you to sew up the sides without any batting or backing, I chose to add on a lightweight iron on interface and a backing fabric.

I chose a dark Japanese print Kaufman fabric (almost black) with Kanji prints on it. I feel that it brings out the Japanese-ness of the Sashiko stitching.
I’m looking forward to completing the rest of the Sashiko kits!

A couple of busy months…

It has been a while since my last entry. And this blog, quilting, fabrics and sewing have been consistently on my mind! There have been several knitting projects completed (not photographed yet), many yards of fabrics bought (I can’t even begin to keep track of them!) and many projects stated (I need to tweak the WIP column very soon!).

Last week, I found a really neat shop, Sin Hin Chuan Kee, along North Bridge Road. It’s a traditional wholesaler shop (read: old and not great with displays) that packs lots and lots of goodies at great prices. I found Chaco paper for tracing Sashiko patterns, elastic threads, tweezers (for getting paper backing out from appliques), and there are a whole of goodies in the store! I bought 2 reels of ribbons at just about US$1.90 each for X’mas crafting too.

I was packing up my stack of WIP the other night, then I saw my Zoo blocks looking so cheery and bright… and neglected. I remembered planning for the borders to be a deep shade of red. What a perfect X’mas gift for Benji! And I started to get into the swing of things (if I leave it till ‘later’ again, I will not get it done!), and started tracing the fabrics, cutting them, and taped up my layout mat on the wall. I’m now sewing the rows together, then will put up the borders hopefully by end of this week! Yippee!

Fabric Gift-wrap

Last Sunday, we celebrated a crafty friend’s baby girl’s 3rd birthday. I decided to use the remnants of my Ikea ‘mini-bolt’ to wrap up this gift, so that the mummy can have some fun making her little girl stuffs too!

1) The present was first wrapped up with kraft paper first. Then I was deciding if I should use safety pins to pin the folds in place or fabric glue, or a ribbon to tie it all up?! Then DH had a brilliant idea for my to sew everything in place!
2) So, I ‘wrapped’ up the present as you would with your gift wrap paper. And pin and pin and pin the fabric into position.
3) Using a darning needle or similar, run your stitches along the edge of your fabric. Make sure you catch the bottom fabric! This is where the initial brown paper comes into play. The brown paper prevents ‘injury’ to the box when I stabbed too hard through the fabrics, etc.
As for the thread, I just use a single strand of polyester-cotton thread to sew this baby. No need to use strong threads as I wanted the gift recipient to be able to rip out the threads easily, and not damage the fabric!
You can consider the stitches to be almost like ‘basting stitches’, instead of real quilty stitches ;>
Lastly, I pinned a gift tag to the present with a curved safety pin. Sorry, no pic here. Did it on the fly just as the gang was at the door waiting to go for the party! :>