Benji’s ca-yon wallet

Benji started to make a grab for our pens and pencils many months ago. So, we’ve invested in washable crayons for him to go crazy with. But he is limited to colouring only when we are at home, and at his little table, because we are so paranoid about losing the crayons in our bags and creating a mess, etc.
I chanced upon Jennifer’s blog and she had created a crayon wallet tutorial – on sale at her Etsy store. It’s great! Now, I can carry a scribble pad along with Benji’s crayons, and it comes with a pocket to keep his masterpieces too :p
I used up some Ikea ‘mini-bolts’ left over from my quilted table toppers – more about that in a bit – they are not expensive and allow me to work on ‘test-projects’ :>

I’ve had these little chicky buttons for the longest time. I don’t have a large button collection, and with projects like these, its a good excuse to go shopping now! ;>
I tried fitting in Benji’s LARGE crayons but they were a little too tall for this wallet. The size is just right for the regular sized ones. But I’ve already ‘discoloured’ the wallet and side of the pad. But no worries, I expect this wallet to be filled with crayon bits and streaks sooner or later anyway ;>
The pad was supposed to fit the pocket on the right side. But I did not check if I had the pad that was the size of the pocket dictated in the pattern. But fortunately, the center pocket could fit the note pad (I had tons of these left from a fund raising event) well.

Overall, I’m very happy with how this turned out. I’ve bought Jennifer’s other pattern for her quilted list-taker. Looking forward to see how that will turn out! :>