Feeling a little peckish on this cool rainy afternoon. A sunny side up, perhaps?

Felt Food - Eggy!

Nah. What about grilled cheese sandwich instead? Yums!

Felt Food - Grilled Cheese

Bleu cheese? But but but… they don’t have ‘eyes’, right?

Felt Food - Bleu Cheese

I will just have some Singapore Noodles (whatever that is!) with extra chilli please? Oh, make it ‘seafood’ noodles 😉 (that green thingy is a fish from a $2 fishing game we bought from Daiso)

Felt Food - Singapore Noodles

Benji wants something posh! Green Eggs!

Felt Food - Green Eggs

Do you like green eggs and ham?

I do so like

green eggs and ham!

Thank you!

Thank you,


Felt Food - Ben-I-am

Green Ham with ‘rind’

Felt Food - Green Ham

Benji’s all-day breakfast special sandwich!

Felt Food - Sandwich

Special ingredients revealed 😉

Felt Food - Tea time!

Last week, we bought Benji a set of Ikea kiddy cooking utensils (although he liked the kiddy kitchen set more!) and we have been cooking ‘ice-cream’, lego bricks and whatever that fits the pot. Yesterday, I popped into Daiso and picked up a small frying pan ($2!), and a pack of assorted felt fabrics.

Today, we spent a quiet afternoon indoors ‘cooking’ up a storm – Benji’s nursing a terrible cough. Cut up some easy shapes and the only ‘3-D’ effect was some wadding stuffed into the egg yolks. The ‘noodles’ yarn came from a ripped up old crochet project. Nothing fancy like the felt food that my friend made for her little girl, or even the $15 Ikea felt food toys. But it is fun to make food on boy’s request 😀 So who says you can’t sew for boys, eh? 😀