All about April

Its been a while. Son falling ill (twice!), helping my dad to close his shop, projects, etc have kept me away from my sewings and from adding more new posts. Ironic as I’m logged on almost everyday – mainly for work!

While waiting for my new sewing machine to arrive, I decided to hand-quilt the sampler quilt. It is turning out better than I had expected! I thought it would be REALLY tough, but it is actually enjoyable! Of course, I’m not quilting 20 stiches in 10 seconds, I’m taking a really long time to get it done, but it is rather therapeutic. :>

I have chosen a nice mint-green hand/machine quilting thread. Did not want the quilt to turn out too country and I’m hoping that the green thread will give it a modern twist.
At the slow rate I’m going, with so many other projects up my sleeves, I’ll be lucky if this will be completed before end of the year!