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Luke – The quilt

This is my “Luke Quilt” that was requested by a good friend last year. I delivered some goodies to her first and then went on to drag my feet for another 12 months before I finished the quilt for ‘not-so-baby-now Luke’.

This baby quilt – a single Log Cabin block, is a huge 50″ square that took about 2 solid days of quilting that my left my arms aching quite a bit. The puffiness of some of the sections here are due to the fact that it came out of the dryer in the morning and I left it folded until I took the shots.

Luke's Quilt - Front

I used some of my precious Japanese fabrics that we hand-carried back to Singapore, and also Denyse Schmidt’s lovely prints. It has ‘Lego-like’ bricks, space shuttles, transportation prints and lots of dots, stripes and plaids.

Luke's Quilt - Detail

For the back, I pieced the left-over prints from the front with Kona Essex Linen – Solid White. The white linen really showed off the variegated quilting thread that I used on this quilt.

Luke's Quilt - Back

According to the mummy, Luke took this quilt to bed the very night I delivered it to their home.

Luke's Quilt - Ready to Go!

Wishing you many sweet dreams with this quilt, Luke!

SUPER LATE Fabric Stash Report #5

I’ve not been a good girl when it comes to deadlines for the past 2 weeks.

Last week, we shared a super yummy Mother’s Day dinner at my mom’s (yes, she cooked. Insisted that we should not get ripped off by the restaurants, and we can always buy her expensive meals anytime :p). I whipped up some last minute small-ish gifts for her then. Well, I didn’t plan to make anything too elaborate because we celebrated my mom’s birthday at the end of April and I gifted the Star Quilt for the ocassion. The weather then was dreary for many days and I did not manage to take a decent before I gave it to her. But I did snap a quite picture at the restaurant that evening.

Week 5: 3 May – 9 May

In: 0 yds(so far!)

Out: 2 yds (more for string quilt, coin purse and zipper pouches for mom)

YTD total:
Purchased: 24.59 yds
Busted: 9.75 yds
net: -14.84 yds

Fabric Stash Report #4 and new String Quilt

On Friday, I was just thinking that I have neither ‘IN’ nor ‘OUT’ to report this week since I have not been sewing much at the machine. Oh soooo boring. But over the weekend, sewing happened!

Fabric IN
Zilch (for now!)

Fabric OUT
3 yards (and more on the way out!)

I’ve seen many beautiful string quilts on Flickr and they look like really good scrap-busting projects to work on. There are essentially 2 methods of creating string quilts – piecing with fabric foundation or paper foundation. Piecing with fabrics sounds like a great way to bust some serious stash too. But I don’t think I like the extra weight, plus I can imagine the amount of seams in the quilt (by the way, I’m aiming for a Queen Sized quilt). So, it is paper piecing for me. For fabric foundation method, click here.

I have a ream of A3 sized, low GSM paper that we used for mapping out projects (day job) ideas and they are perfect for paper foundation piecing. So, I did a test block, following this tutorial from Film in the Fridge. I find it ‘slippery’ to sew with paper and because some of the scrap strips are cut on bias, it was a little challenging trying to set the 1st diagonal straight. This will create problems when I put the blocks together and I would expect the center strips of the blocks to match. So, I modified the instructions a little by marking two lines, 1/2″ from the center diagonal on the paper (my center strip is 1″ wide).

Mock-up block

Back to the drawing pad, I planned the colour way and layout of the quilt.

Afterwards, I pulled out the scrap buckets and started sorting them out by colours. So, most of the scraps are in 6 bags now (and why do I still have the same number of scrap buckets left under the table???). I also cut up some fabrics from yardage to make up for the colours and centre string.

Scrap bags

Scrap bag



This also gives me the opportunity to use up some Uglies in my charm packs and FQs that I probably will never use in a non-scrappy project.

Week 4: 26 April – 2 May

In: 0 yds
Out: 3 yds

YTD total:
Purchased: 24.59 yds
Busted: 7.75 yds
net: -16.84 yds

Tales and Tidings Baby Quilt – DONE DONE!

Another quilt DONE DONE.

The Tales and Tidings quilt is one of my ‘oldest’ project. I bought it AGES ago and it took me a while before I found the ‘inspiration’ (read: procrastinated long enough) to cut it up.

The top was completed in Aug’08 and I put it away, and went shopping for the backing fabrics. After I ordered it, I put it away some more and agonised over the quilting. I finally sent it off to a quilty friend who did the quilting for me late ’09 and I’m soooo happy with what she did with it.

Free motion quilting detail

Free motion quilting detail

One of my favourite blocks...

One of my favourite blocks...

*hear* stripey binding fabrics

*heart* stripey binding fabrics

Since this is Quilt #3 for Benji, I think it is time to get a quilt for our OWN bed now. :p

Princess Snowball quilt

The princess snowball quilt was delivered to G earlier this week. It is such a girly sweet quilt.

I gotta make me more baby quilts! The size is more manageable and quicker to piece compared to larger bed quilt.

More straight line quilting, using the variegated thread. I pulled out more fabrics for a couple of baby-sized projects. But those will have to wait a little more as I’m working on a couple of special hand sewing projects. More to show soon! 😀

G’s Baby Quilt

A special commissioned quilt for G’s baby niece. It took a while for me to put this together (due to work, health, etc) but after I got the fabrics cut, everything came together very easily. I really enjoyed working on this top. Now, I’m planning for the quilt back to work in a special border fabric which I love very much. Stay tuned!

The snowball/jewel quilt top done!

The snowball/jewel quilt top done!

A close-up of a princessy snowball block

A close-up of a princessy snowball block

Value-added on the wall

This mish-mash-moo quilt is specially commissioned by Mama G, for her own WIP little one 😉 She wanted a scrappy quilt and she liked what she saw at Willy-Nilly’s. Although many crafty bloggers only offer sneak peeks to their works before giving to the recipients, I believe I do need some WIP approvals as I go along for this commissioned quilt!

So, I’m done sewing up the Half-Square-Triangle blocks, cutting, ironing and squaring the blocks. It is layout time and I had so much fun! Initially, there was some trouble putting up some blocks because the contrast in values are not that great. But after putting it up on the layout wall, and taking a couple of pictures of it, I think the magic is working!

Made up of 100 unique charm squares cut from my stash.

So, is this a pass or a ‘try again’? I’m rather tempted to toss out a couple of ‘non-contrasty’ blocks. But I’m trying hard to switch some around to blend things in a bit better.

mish mash moo…

I had a good time yesterday pulling out fabrics out of the tubs for a special project. I love looking at them, touching them and recalling where/when I bought them, etc. The stash has grown quite a bit in these 2 years. Thanks to international shipping and thanks to quilt/sewing books that inspire me to start on ‘future projects’ :p

A small stack that was pulled from tubs

Iron, cut, toss... repeat 100x

I absolutely HEART this print.

Sneak peak!

Half way done (cutting only). I’m loving this project – cutting into every piece of fabric I have for a scrappy look, no colours in mind, same dimension for every single piece (5″ charm), and taking my time with it 🙂 Seems like I’m getting out of my quilting funk! 😉