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Rotary Cutters Illustrated (er… filmed?) – UPDATED*

I have about 8 Rotary cutters in my collection. From cutting circles, wave/pinking patterns, to using different sizes for different types of projects, etc. Through the 45mm family of cutters, I explain how each cutter is used and discuss the ease of replacing/changing the blades. Pardon the background ‘noise’ as my boy was playing with […]

In Trays

Our work loft is a little messy right now… With all the recent buys and also new projects, it is a little hard to keep things neat and tidy. I started on a new project a couple of days back (yes, yet another queen-sized quilt) and so far, I’ve made quite a good progress (by […]

Fabric Stash Report #1

If I get $1 for saying: I’m not going to buy fabrics for the next <insert #> <weeks/month/year>, I’ll probably be able to get myself a new Bernina sewing machine. It’s silly, but I feel GUILTY each time I checkout a bundle of fabrics at the store. BUT I try to justify the buys for […]

Tools of the Trade

Okay – these items are not really ‘tools’. However they are little-known life-savers for sewers and scrapbookers. Recently, I ordered a bunch of Floss Bobbins and storage cases that come with a bobbin winder to help solve my unruly, tangled mess of embroidery floss from my cross-stitching days. Why floss bobbins? 1) Free up your […]

Oh… I love Olfa

Yes, I do love my Olfa rulers, cutters, blades and mats. Quilting can be an expensive hobby, and Rotary cutting is ONE BIG CULPRIT – the cutting tools burnt a huge hole right through my pocket when I first started sewing and when I purchased them from the local quilt shops. Nowadays, I help my […]