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Japan on my mind

I’m sure you have heard of the quake and tsunami devastation that have hit Japan and her beautiful people. The crisis is utterly heart-breaking and everytime I read or watch the news, I get the goose-pimples (not the good ones). I really hope that the people who are affected by this horrible disaster will stay […]

Cot Quilt

You have seen a sneak peek here. The custom quilt has been delivered earlier in April to A to be gifted to her brand new baby niece. So it is pretty safe to post this here, presented by my sweetest quilt bearer Love the simple patchwork and quilting that gave a soft touch to this […]

In Trays

Our work loft is a little messy right now… With all the recent buys and also new projects, it is a little hard to keep things neat and tidy. I started on a new project a couple of days back (yes, yet another queen-sized quilt) and so far, I’ve made quite a good progress (by […]