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Japan on my mind

I’m sure you have heard of the quake and tsunami devastation that have hit Japan and her beautiful people. The crisis is utterly heart-breaking and everytime I read or watch the news, I get the goose-pimples (not the good ones). I really hope that the people who are affected by this horrible disaster will stay […]

Goodbye October, Har-row November!

Back from a leave of absence from blogging (and also reading crafty blogs :<) I have good reasons for this lack of interaction, actually. 1) I lost my camera battery charger. No juice, no photos, no show & tell blog posts. 2) Family – my parents (aka day care givers) have been traveling and I […]

Fabric Stash Report – Summary for Weeks 8 through 12

5 weeks’ worth of Fabric Stash Summary. This post is FULL of fabric goodness. If you are on a fabric diet, look away now I ordered more fabrics from my favorite local fabric sellers again in May. Unfortunately, when they came through the door, I hardly had time to go through them. Today, I took […]

Fabric Stash Report #7

Moopie Fabrics, a local fabric supplier, contacted me earlier in April, offering me a delicious spread of Michael Miller and Japanese fabrics. Cherish, the owner, has been really helpful and patient with my order. How can I say ‘no’ cute Kokka fabrics? So, IN this week: Various Michael Miller and Kokka fabrics. There is hope […]